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Limitless Course by Charity Bowman Webb in November

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Dates: 1-3 November 2018

Venue: 50 Kingfisher Drive, Fourways

Price: Early Bird R970 till 11 October 2018, then R1150
Prices do not include meals
To book now click here

God’s Kingdom continues to advance….

If you have ever walked through an armoury of the Spirit, the weapons may have surprised you. Amongst the classic swords and shields did anyone happen to see a song, a paint brush or a dancers shoe, a skilful spreadsheet, an architect’s plans or a business strategy?

From the shelves of heaven the creative mandate is being dusted off and returned to the earth. Timely defining of our creative DNA lies in God’s outstretched hand. There are two directives: there is the general outpouring of Kingdom Creativity available to all believers to energize their lives and areas of influence producing new solution, strategy and innovation. There is also the calling of the Creative Warriors, the artisans who combine skill and anointing for specific reason. The hour strikes a wakeup call for both and their intertwining purposes in the nations. Strategic objectives in the times that lie ahead.

The message of ‘Limitless’ seeks to unpack those directives, blowing away the foggy mists of forgotten purpose, revealing one of the greatest weapons bestowed upon the church, the creative power of God.

Art of Hearing God – Rondebosch, Cape Town

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Wonderful time with a hungry group of Capetonians!  Everyone had great encounters, Vanessa’s home was an ideal venue making it so easy to teach and minister.  Great course, looking forward to our next course in Cape Town.

Plett AOHG

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We had a wonderful time teaching the Art of Hearing God to the Plett community.  They were all so hungry, humble and teachable. Great testimonies have come out of this two and half days, as we took them through the course, stretched them with activations and showed them how important it is to bless and encourage those around us at all times.

Some highlights: